At Fleet Tuition we believe that every child should enjoy their education and has a right to fully access the curriculum, developing vital skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.  We support children in English and maths as they transition from primary to secondary education, endeavouring to give them a positive learning experience to help them get the most out of school and enjoy their time there.

Making the best learning affordable

We work with small groups, allowing us to keep the cost of sessions affordable while creating a more vibrant and less intimidating learning environment than is possible in a 1:1 scenario.  Group tuition lends itself to deeper thinking, more challenging questioning and allows greater reflection and analysis of the answers these elements bring - each of which are features of the best learning.  



Learning that children enjoy

We try to build strong relationships with the children we work with and through those relationships make learning more enjoyable.  Children learn much better when they are smiling and when they trust those who are trying to help them. Once those ingredients are in place, teaching is essentially identification and intervention.  Simply put, our aim is to identify key areas of weakness and break learning down into small enough pieces to allow children to fully overcome these barriers.



Helping you to help your child

Another key feature of our tuition is our belief in empowering you to support your child’s learning.  In our experience many parents want to help, but don’t know how to. What does my child need to know?  How should I explain it? What if I do it differently to how they are taught at school and confuse them even more? These are all natural concerns. To help you to overcome them, where appropriate we provide further practice materials (and instructions on how to use them).  These are free of charge and accompany learning to enable you to do a few minutes of follow-up work each day to increase retention if you wish to.  There are also a variety of resources that may be of use on our resources pages.

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