Some people are fortunate enough to learn spellings very easily.  For others (and I include myself among their number) this is a constant area of struggle and one which impedes progress across the curriculum for many children.

While it’s true that poor spelling will make it harder to meet A.R.E. in writing, as things stand children are allowed to use dictionaries and work with peers to check spellings in their (assessed) written work.  Nonetheless, some children will not meet A.R.E. in writing SATs because of their spelling.  Additionally, there is no guarantee that permitted use of dictionaries and/or peer assessment on assessed pieces will continue.


This focus in sessions is not about a list of words to learn and forget: it’s about a structured approach of accelerated learning to learn (and over-learn) spelling rules while ensuring that high-frequency words are mastered.


Spelling is tough if it doesn’t come naturally.  This is a course ideally started in Year 5, but suitable for any age.  It will help with all SATs work, but is not specifically aimed at these tests.  It will include:

  • High frequency words
  • Rules
  • Suffixes and prefixes