We are very blessed to have use of the recently refurbished community rooms above the Living Stones Bookshop.  They do entail climbing a couple of flights of stairs, but they are well worth the effort and offer an ideal learning space.  The largest room is both spacious and comfortable, with a 58″ screen display which meets our needs perfectly.  There are toilets one floor up and we have use of kitchen facilities where parents are welcome to wait and make themselves a cup of tea or coffee.


Entrance to the community rooms is via the side of the shop building, with a dedicated entrance, allowing us to use the rooms in the evenings when the shop is closed as well as throughout the day.

Finding us


Living Stones Bookshop is located at 277 Fleet Road, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 3BT and there are several car parks within a few minutes walk.


Please click the map or the button below for more information about how to find us.

  Call 01252 950770 or email info@fleet-tuition-ltd.com to reserve a place today