The benefits of group tuition


I believe that everyone should be able to afford to help their child get the best education possible.  I personally think that the teaching and learning going on in the state sector is excellent.  For a long time teachers have had to listen to a goverment that tells us we have so much to learn from the independent sector.  I'm in no way against private education, but would argue that the two greatest advantages that it has over state educaton are resources and class sizes: there is simply no comparison between working with 12 children and 32! 


I’m not sure I’d take my children out of the state sector even if I could, but I am certain that a reduced teacher to child ratio makes teaching and learning far easier.  For many of those for whom a private education is not an option, at £40+ per hour tuition is also prohibitively expensive; this is one of the reasons I prefer to tutor small groups.  Working with groups of children places more demands on the tutor, but I believe it offers superior learning at a far more accessible cost. 


For children, learning alongside other children means:

  • Thinking time.  Good teaching is based around good questioning, provoking deeper thought (analysis and evaluation rather than just simple recall).  Working 1:1 puts pressure on a learner and it’s natural to say, ‘I don’t know,’ before really thinking.  This is especially true for a child lacking confidence.
  • An easier environment for shy children who would be intimidated working alone with an adult they don’t know.
  • The chance to consider and evaluate the answers of others: learning from their learning.
  • The opportunity to genuinely discuss and unpick problems/questions with other children.
  • The chance to convince someone that you’re right (even if it turns out you’re wrong!).  In either case this forces a deeper level of thinking.



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