Writing - Exceeding Age Related Expectations

Exceeding A.R.E. requires all of the content needed to achieve standard, plus the following:

The pupil can write for a range of purposes and audiences

Managing shifts between levels of formality through selecting vocabulary precisely and by manipulating grammatical structures

Selecting verb forms for meaning and effect

Using the full range of punctuation taught at key stage 2 mostly correctly, including:            

Semi-colons to mark the boundary between independent clauses

Colons to mark the boundary between independent clauses


In my own experience, moderators have also looked for stronger narrative voice (which rightly or wrongly is not on the assessment criteria) and more precise and varied vocabulary choices made for effect.


31% of my class exceeded expectations this year.  My books were moderated and moderators agreed with all of my judgements.


The exemplar below (see link) gives a better indication of the typical standard of writing required to exceed standard.